Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Self - Imposed WWE Ban

I have been on a self - imposed WWE Ban since SummerSlam. I honestly didn't want to watch WWE with Brock Lesnar as Champion. To me, it is pointless to have a champion that is never around and defends his championship only a couple of times. What's the point of having the championship if you hardly ever see the belt? In fact, the championship has not been defended in a PPV since September. So, I banned myself from WWE. I glanced at it a couple of times in passing. I read another WWE blog so I can keep up with the happenings from shows. I even watched the Team Cena vs Team Authority match at Survivor Series, just in time to see Sting's appearance. I decided to give WWE another shot. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt that they could fix what I saw as problems.

As of now I am back to watching the shows each week. Only time will tell. I'm hoping that they soon get a champion that is around more than three times a year.

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