Monday, July 21, 2014

Thoughts on WWE Battleground 7/20/14

I did not watch the Pre-Show so I did not see those two matches at all.

Match #1: The Usos (c) vs. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan for the WWE Tag Team Championship in a 2 - out - of - 3 Falls Match
  • My Prediction: Luke Harper and Eric Rowan
  • Winners: The Usos
I wanted The Usos to win because I prefer them over any member of The Wyatt Family but I had a feeling that it was time for them to lose the belts. I predicted that it would come down to the third fall and that no one would win it with the first two. About half - way through the third fall, I realized that the Usos were going to win. I also got excited for awhile because I hoped that the Usos would pull a "Twin Magic" and turn heel. But, it didn't happen.

Match #2: AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige for the WWE Divas Championship

  • My Prediction: AJ Lee
  • Winner: AJ Lee
I really don't care for AJ Lee. However, I don't feel that Paige is quite at the championship level yet. I didn't feel that she should have gotten the title when AJ went on hiatus. There are many other divas currently on the roster who were more deserving. So, choosing between the two, I chose AJ. The match had a few high points but overall was boring to me.

Match #3: Rusev (with Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

  • My Prediction: Jack Swagger
  • Winner: Rusev  
First, I was shocked that the extensive promos were allowed considering the tension right now with Russia. I understand the "show must go on" but we could have done without the promo. As for the match, it wasn't that interesting to me. All I remember about it is the amount of time Swagger had the Patriot Lock applied to Rusev. Of course, Rusev won by count out. This was a match he should have lost.

Match #4: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

  • My Prediction: Dean Ambrose
  • Winner: Seth Rollins (by Forfeit)
This was one of the matches I was looking forward to. I thought that Ambrose would win and get some revenge on Rollins. Guess I was wrong. So, imagine my surprise when there wasn't even a match! Ambrose attacked Rollins backstage prior to the match and was banned from the building. Boo... He only emerged two times after that and then there was no mention of Ambrose or Rollins the rest of the night.

Match #5: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

  • My Prediction: Chris Jericho
  • Winner: Chris Jericho          

Honestly, Bray Wyatt does not hold my interest. I know that many people enjoy him but to me his gimmick is old. I remember nothing except the entrances and the other members of the Wyatt family being banned from ringside. I hate to say it but I was too busy reading email during this match. It held my interest a little more.

Match #6: 19 Man Battle Royal for the Vacated Intercontinental Championship

  • My Prediction: Sheamus
  • Winner: The Miz  
 I believed that the WWE was going to unify the Intercontinental and US Championships again. So, I thought Sheamus was going to win. Of all of the other participants, one of my least favorite choices was The Miz. However, I guess that this still leaves it open for a unification later on since they seem to have a little feud going.

Match #7: John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane in a Fatal 4 - Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • My Prediction: John Cena
  • Winner: John Cena  
First, let me say that I am thoroughly upset that the WWE did not unify the belts during the Flair segment last week as some reported. Roman Reigns is one of my favorite current Superstars. I know that he will one day be the champion. However, I know that right now is not that time. I figured John Cena would hold it for awhile. This was a good match. I think the highlight was Kane and Orton turning on each other and truly making it a Fatal 4-Way. All four of these superstars have remarkable abilities and proved it last night.

PPV Overall:  C

I can only speak about the PPV itself and not the pre-show matches. Overall, the PPV was decent. One match was non-existent and just a couple of street fights instead. It felt like these were just used as fillers in between matches. The Wyatt/Jericho match completely lost my interest. The Paige/AJ and Rusev/Swagger matches were close to losing my interest. The other three matches were pretty much all that made the show. Luckily, I have the WWE Network so I only paid my $9.99 on it rather than the full price.  

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